Interesting in light of recent comments he made…

Interesting in light of recent comments he made...

From his perspective he perceives this as child abuse, and “mild paedophilia” as uncondemnable. This is a recurring theme with him, he repeats himself over and over, he wrote something similar in his book.


19 thoughts on “Interesting in light of recent comments he made…

  1. I haven’t read anything in particular about this fella, however you may be (or not) surprised how many teachers and religious figures are severely abusive to children mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s quite horrific. Others as well… however that’s not entirely relevant here.

      • I see that. 🙂 It is fun to play with experts. Some twat who co-authored a book years ago tried to be all “knowledgeable about relationships. I showed up in her network and fucked her all up. She asked me privately to leave. I did, they came to my network instead. LOL She was over bearing, rude, all knowing wizard of oz mentality jackassery person. Po’tang. lol

      • lol, good for you. yeah, the people that get to make the books don’t have anything to say and they plagiarize from people like us. that is why I developed my hack the world strategy, if they are going to steal my ideas, i am going to load my narrative, and change the direction of the conversation. :)))

      • If she was a nice human, I wouldn’t have done it. 🙂 Actually, it wasn’t done with intent, I made an assumption not based on fact that she would bring something to the table based on her experience and it wasn’t true.

        Load your narrative? You mean redirect them?

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