A Dog named Babylon…


“When sins prevailed, He descended to the rungs below, and He killed that lion, no longer willing to provide its prey.  He, as it were, killed it.  He slew the lion, really!  Within the pit – in plain sight of the evil Other Side.  Seeing this, the Other Side was emboldened to send a dog to eat the offerings… …What is the name of the dog? Bal’adin is it’s name, for it is excluded from the category of Adam, human, but it is rather a dog – it’s face is a dog.”

“The name derives from Merodach Baladin, king of Babylon with whom Hezekiah had contact… On this the Talmud comments; ‘…Baladin was a king whose face turned into that of a dog, so his son sat upon his thrown instead.'” (probably a reference to graven images of dogs seen on Babylonian monuments)
“…Baladin is a demonic figure whose name is taken to mean (bal adam) not human… refers to magickal traditins (Bil’ad) Prince of Demons.”

Below is an article I wrote a while back explaining why Muslims are not descendants of Adam.



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