Leon Panetta Criticizes the Obama Administration.


Panetta on the U.S. absence in Paris“To the credit of the White House, they admitted that they had made a mistake, and it was a mistake, because we missed an opportunity to show solidarity with the leadership – leadership in the world that is confronting this terrorism threat that we all face.  So it was a missed opportunity. We should have had, if not the president, certainly the vice president or the secretary of state should have attended. As far as what went on in the White House, all I can say is when I – when I was chief of staff, the national security adviser and the chief of staff usually presented these kinds of issues directly to the president, and the president then made the ultimate decision as to what happened.”

 Panetta on the terror attacks in Paris: “You know, I think that what we’ve seen happening over these last few weeks, between what happened in Ottawa, what’s happened in Paris and now what’s happened in Belgium, is that we’re entering a new and perhaps more dangerous chapter in the war on terrorism. You’ve got terrorists coming at us from a lot of different directions – from ISIS, from Boko Haram, from Al-Shabab, from AQAP, from other elements of al Qaeda. They are recruiting like crazy from these various wars in Syria and Iraq, in Yemen. And they seem to be involved in more planning and more weapons in terms of the types of attacks that they’re working on. So I think it’s pretty clear from what we’re seeing that we are entering a more threatening and more dangerous period in this war on terrorism.”

Panetta on French intelligence: “Well, there’s no question that, I think, the failure to be able to have prevented the attack that took place in Paris was an intelligence failure. And I know they had these individuals on watch lists. I know that, in some ways, they were tracking them, but because of priorities or because of resources, obviously, they were not aware that these attacks were going to be conducted.”  http://cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn.com/2015/01/18/leon-panetta-obama-missed-an-opportunity-to-show-solidarity/


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