The Golden Verses of Shivastus Solomonicus

Shivastus Solomonicus

408626_190404674434838_1359531968_n“Philosophy is the language of the soul having a conversation with God.”

“You can only have Equality under a Meritocracy of Reason.”

aequalitatus sub ratio“God is a sense of self that transcends the individual.”

“Loving people that hate you is an act of hating yourself, and hating people that love you is also an act of hating yourself.”

“Crazy people do not take  responsibility for their actions, their emotions are responsible for their actions, and everyone in the world is responsible for their emotions, which is why rational people have the right to protect themselves from crazy people.”

“There is something in nature that hates a psychopath, which is why psychopaths can only be successful in civilizations.”

“Civilization is not a natural environment, it is an artificial environment, nature is not civil.”

“Nature kills off idiots and psychopaths, the reason society continually collapses is because society mistakenly confuses civility with mercy and…

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