The Schumer Shutdown

Government Shutdown.jpg

I tweeted this the day before the Democrat Cave-in.  The first duty of elected officials if to protect American Citizens.  This stupid move woke up a lot of people, especially black people and others who were trying to remain loyal to the Democrat Thought Plantation. 

“Liberal Progressives & Psychopaths are defined by what they are against.  They stupidly believe that the enemy of their enemy is their friend.  They aren’t FOR anything.  They conceal their true feelings while revealing themselves falsely.  They don’t state their solutions because they don’t have any, instead they mock the solutions posed by others.  In positions of Authority they make deals in secret behind closed doors.  They never take responsibility for what they did or admit that they were wrong.  They don’t solve problems they create problems for people they hate.  You can’t include them unless you follow them.  And you can’t participate with them unless you agree that they get everything that they want and you get nothing that you want.  They don’t respect natural boundaries because they need to steal your resources in order to solve their problems.  They won’t go away because they can’t survive on their own because they don’t create more value than they consume or destroy.” ~Joxua Luxor

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