A Free People

george washington guns

Guns wouldn’t be a problem if Liberal Progressives weren’t constantly attacking the family unit, and American values.  They defend evil and attack good. They refuse to participate with Reason.  When bad things happen it isn’t their fault it is because they don’t have enough control over our person and our resources. 

I know that Snopes says this quote is misattributed and they are most likely correct.  It is however correct in spirit.  Liberals have demonstrated themselves to be violent communists.  They have no respect for the rule of Law.  They refuse to enforce the Law when in power. But they expect everybody to participate with their ex cathedra dictates.  The quote is correct in spirit and that is why I am sharing it.  Government fails to protect us and then doesn’t want us to be capable of defending ourselves.  They are aggressive toward rational people on their own side and submissive towards insane people living in other countries.  

7 thoughts on “A Free People

  1. No, this quote is not correct in spirit. It has been deliberately altered so as to turn Washington’s point on its head. He was asking Congress to fund a military so that it could defend the country from foreign enemies and domestic insurrection. The idea that he was seeking to ensure the possibility of armed insurrection in this quote is an outright lie.

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