Neo-Democrats are the Old Democrats.

1 harriet tubman finished

The Neocons left the Democrat party because they were Trotskyites and the Democrats weren’t War Hawkish enough.  They stood in unity against the election of Donald Trump and those who weren’t already on the side of Hillary Clinton got back in bed with the Democrat party.  

Dinesh D’Souza created the term “Democrat Plantation” but I weaponized it.  Democrats haven’t changed their tactics but people have gotten wiser.  Everybody now knows that you either have to be Unforgivably Stupid or Consciously Evil if you still identify as a Proud Democrat. 

If you understand what is going on you don’t suffer from “Change Blindness”.  If you aren’t a Useful Idiot then you realize that you are a Lobster or a frog and that the Liberal Progressives are slowly turning up the heat and hoping you won’t notice so that they can cook you alive.  

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