Cardinal Burke on Muslim Immigration

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“To resist large-scale Muslim immigration in my judgment is to be responsible,” Cardinal Burke said, responding to a written question.
Islam “believes itself to be destined to rule the world,” he said. “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what has happened in Europe,”

Cardinal Burke said that the while the church must be generous to “individuals that are not able to find a way of living in their own country,” this is not the case for many Muslim migrants, “who are opportunists.”

“Muslims have said that they are able today to accomplish what they were not able to accomplish in the past with armaments because Christians no longer are ready to defend their faith, what they believe; they are no longer ready to defend the moral law,” the cardinal said.


7 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke on Muslim Immigration

  1. While I can understand the Cardinal believing what he is saying, I would have thought that given the huge number of Muslims in the world, the vast majority of whom show at least as much responsibility and charity as the Christians, I think he comes across as unreasonable. Certainly 3000 victims of the twin towers show that some Muslims are fanatics – but “Christian” pilots dropping white phosphorus on countless Iraqi civilians to deal with imaginary weapons of mass destruction was a much more telling score.

    Surely the Cardinal has heard of Biafra (Christian tribes at war with one another) or the Congo, 25 000 civilians killed by non Muslims in the same year as the Twin Towers. Even a self claimed born-again “Christian” President of the US defending torture and selling bombs to the Middle East to drop on Yemen doesn’t do a lot for Christian reputation.

    I didn’t think the killing in the Balkans was Muslim led – I thought they were the victims and some of the killers were Catholic. Is that wrong? Somewhere in the Bible, some guy said we should forgive our enemies. I advise the Cardinal to join a Church where the Church leadership supports that belief!!!

      • Thanks for the assessment that I am an idiot Joxua. I am assuming (or at least hoping) you are not simply cross that I don’t happen to agree with your prejudices – and I would welcome some further explanation if you can supply such an explanation without appearing to rant. Perhaps you could start by telling me about your qualifications and experience in this field.

        Because I have written texts on the subject and they have been reviewed by experts I suspect (or at least hope) not quite everyone would agree with your conclusion. Since I prefer to have discussions rather than engage in name calling I prefer to listen to reason. For example some statistics would show me that I am wrong. eg How many Muslims are there in the world? How many deaths from Muslim terrorist attacks have occurred in the US since the Twin Towers versus how many gun deaths from other causes? How many civilians died in Iraq at the hand of the US forces? Is it true that terrorism tripled in the world after the US invaded Iraq? Why does a country like my own New Zealand have its only terrorist act as an attack on a Mosque and a Muslim centre by a Trump supporter if it is the Muslims who are the real danger?

        I do of course accept that terrorism is an unpleasant reality and hope you have, at the very least, read some textbooks on terrorism to explain what motivates the terrorists and why. Although I am a Christian, at the very least I do try to begin to understand and at the very least tolerate those born into different home settings. I cheerfully admit I still have much to learn.

      • Ohmigod you are stupid, he wasn’t a Trump supporter. He only liked Trump because he was white. Your posts are long and your facts are wrong.

  2. Well Joxua, all I can say that your posts are short but your facts are missing.

    When I looked at the 74 page rant by the Christchurch shooter he specifically asked himself if he supported Trump – and answered his own question (which you have no doubt read!) with a qualified “yes”. I do acknowledge that he went on to distinguish between some of Trump’s beliefs which he said he supported BUT that he did not think Trump was an effective leader, which meant as far as I could tell that Trump wasn’t extreme enough!!. In this he seemed to reflect the attitudes of some other White Nationalists like the KKK. BUT he most certainly did NOT say (as you insist) that he only supported Trump because he was white. And you say I have my facts wrong!! Perhaps you have read some statements I haven’t yet seen. Truthfully – did you actually read his manifesto? -or only the Fox summary. Tarrant certainly made the same hand gesture much beloved by extreme right Trump supporters at their demonstrations when he appeared in court.

    Since the initial court appearance some of Tarrant’s supporters have appeared in Christchurch wearing Pro Trump T shirts.

    Because I happen to think from other statements Tarrant was muddled in his thinking I assume he would not be a good spokesman for any of the views he described, but enough of Trump’s beliefs appeared in the manifesto for me to believe Tarant was pro Trump.


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